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Welcome to Jars! by Earthy Roots.
All our products are created from fresh ingredients.
Try our locally produced preserves or give as a gift.



Bees! 100% Natural Honey made in Cambridgeshire


Bees! 100% Natural Lip Balm made in Cambridgeshire


Bees! Very Useful Beeswax made near Cambridgeshire

Gift Packs

Bees! Very Tasty Cut Comb made in Cambridgeshire


Time for the bees to have their health check.

Growing and Harvesting

The bees are inspected every week to ensure that there are no signs of disease and to check that the queen is laying adequately. This is a vital part of beekeeping as it enables them to get to know their bees and their productivity on a week by week basis. It also allows for swarm prevention.

Removing the wax cap to reveal the honey.

Preparing and Testing

Collection can occur throughout the beekeeping season (June-October) depending on the available food. Bee escapes are used to move the bees away from the frames which store the honey. Once the bees have moved away from the wanted hive section it is taken to be extracted.

Spinning out the honey from the frames.


The frames of honey are uncapped by using either a special tool or a knife. Once both sides of a frame are uncapped they are inserted into a honey extractor. The extractor uses centrifugal force to spin the honey from the frames, the honey then settles to the bottom of the extractor.

We believe in capturing natural flavours.

We believe in using high quality ingredients in our products.

We believe in a sustainable approach to business.


About Jars! By Earthy Roots

We produce a range of homegrown and homemade products and pride ourselves on quality. Therefore we only source the freshest ingredients…

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Our Philosophy

We believe in sourcing the fresh ingredients for all of our products, and where possible we source our products as locally as possible…

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The Hive

Earthy Roots | a little more about us

Earthy Roots is a company bringing together a group of products with a common approach to business. We believe in a sustainable approach to business and showcasing high quality ethical products. Whilst minimising the middle men from the producer to the customer.

Earthy Roots has an agricultural touch as our products are made straight naturally sourced or grown products. We are based in Peterborough and the surrounding area, being mainly rural enables us to find more local produce.

Jars! - This site is dedicated to our preserves, it is designed to help you learn more about jars and what we do to create our products.

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